Steadicam Operator – Dustin Heindl

dustin heindl steadicam setups

Dustin Heindl – Steadicam Operator

  • Equipment includes –

  • MK-V Pro Sled – 4 stage 2″ post, with virtually no weight restrictions.

  • GPI Pro Titan arm – Arguably the best steadicam arm in the business (75lb weight limit)

  • Klassan backmounted vest – this is more a personal option, but I feel it’s optimal for use with the Auto Revolution head

  • AR Omega or Auto Revolution (commonly mistaken for the Alien Revolution) – This allow for the camera to ALWAYS stay level, so you can operate from low mode to high mode without a re-balance or cutting the shot up. You may also operate horizontally to fly over objects.

  • Wireless Video (Teradek)

  • Wireless Focus – Custom 3 channel unit and Bartech as backup

  • Auto Revolution

    dustin heindl insta1

    Auto Revolution Demo videos

    Steadicam Auto Revolution Demo 1

    Steadicam Auto Revolution Demo 2

     Becky-G Video for London Alley


    Wiz Khalifa GoPro angle

    Some Videos I did –


    AR Revolution Shoot – Tahj Mowry